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Teng Tools 530 Piece Comprehensive EVA Tool Kit - TCMME09A

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A comprehensive 530 piece tool kit with all the tools laid out in two colour pre-cut EVA foam which clearly shows if any tools are not in their correct place. The tool kit is supplied in the Teng Tools TC805NFX full depth drawer top box and TCW806N1 6 drawer roller cabinet, all with ball bearing slides.

The Teng Tools EVA control system provides a cost effecive solution for ensuring that all the tools have been returned to their correct place in the tool box at the end of a shift or job.

Each tool is scanned in a CAD CAM system and a computer controlled milling machine mills the exact shape of the tool into a two colour EVA block.

The top layer of the block is black and the bottom layer red so that as soon as a tool is taken out, the shape of the tool is clearly visible in red.

The EVA block is etched with the size or description of the tool next to it's position so that if a tool is missing not only can the space be clearly seen but the missing tool cna be identified quickly - making it much easier to recall where the tool may have been used or left.

Part No: TCMME09A